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Alex Westborrow

Thank you for stopping by to say hello. I’m an author and I like to explore the genres of poetry and short stories.

When I was younger, I never explored the world of politics. It seemed to be too difficult, with too many parties to keep track of and at times, I felt like they were discussing things that were never really applicable to the world around them. But then, I grew up. I got older. I started to understand how politics worked. I started to understand the roles of the state in various areas of life, including women’s rights, the church, and gun control.

And I got angry. I decided to take my anger out in writing. I’m hoping others can relate to my thoughts and my perspective and provide a healthy outlet for frustration.

Always remember your rights.

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Rapid Fire Questions Round From Readers


Write Daily or Weekly?

I write whenever I feel the need to write. If something happens in my life or in the media that I need to get out of my system, it could be daily. But I don’t make it a ritual to sit down and write daily or weekly.

Novels or Non-Fiction?

I don’t write novels. I don’t think I have the patience to do that. When I get frustrated or want to express my feelings in writing, I usually do it rather fast and can stay up all night if I have to get it out. Writing a novel requires planning and I don’t think I have the patience to do that. I only write poetry and the occasional short stories.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee until about 2 pm. Then I can’t sleep. I love a great cup of coffee with some simple milk foam. Caramel flavour for those special days.

Music or Art?

Both! When I write, music is great. Classical and jazz tend to calm the nerves. Cinemix is a great source, so go support!

Mac n’ Cheese or Pizza?

Ah, both! I can’t decide. For a while, I had a mission to try as many burgers as I could. Whenever I got dinner or take-out, I would try a new burger place. However, that gets old after a while. I can be tempted with a good spaghetti too. I guess I’m off track now.

Facebook or Instagram?

While I’m present on both social networks, I definitely spend more time on Instagram. The stories, the content and the profiles are just so much more engaging. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Politics or People?

Definitely a mixture of both. Politics aren’t relevant without people and people are interesting because of their political views. Can’t go wrong.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Oh, a mix of both. I’m a private person but I’m not shy.

Happy or Sad?

Depends on the situation. I prefer to be happy but events can make me sad. Seems human, no?